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She’s ‘Likable’ Now: Progressives, Media Seek to Normalize Elizabeth Warren

‘Warren’s major advantage is how few Democratic voters she has alienated…’

Warren Says She'd Consider Declaring a National Emergency for Climate Change, Gun Control
Elizabeth Warren / IMAGE: The Late Late Show with James Corden via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) As the liabilities continue to mount for longtime Democratic primary front-runner Joe Biden, left-wing operatives and their media lapdogs are engaged in active efforts to ‘normalize’ Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

Biden remains the leader in many polls and is strong with core constituent groups like black voters, but concerns are growing over his role in a major Ukraine conspiracy, penchant for false statements and his creepy violations of personal space.

While Biden’s popularity numbers have remained largely unchanged after taking a hit in the first debate (when Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., confronted him over his past support of racist policies), Warren has gained ground with a socialist message that appeals to younger Democratic voters.

Democratic strategist Michael Gordon told the left-wing magazine Newsweek that it was the same sort of underdog momentum that helped President Donald Trump coast to victory three years ago.

“In the Republican Primaries, Trump was ahead. … People didn’t think voters would support him but they did—and he had the kind of enthusiasm that Warren is seeing now,” Gordon said.

“I think what’s happening with Biden is there’s just starting to appear a cumulative effect of his gaps and other controversies,” he added.

As it did with Trump prior to his election, the mainstream media also has embraced Warren—but under very different circumstances.

While many left-wing journalists, convinced of Hillary Clinton’s inevitable coronation, viewed Trump as a sideshow in the Republican primary, treating his sensationalist run as a joke, Warren has stumbled into their favor by default amid a field of highly flawed options.

“In public, Democrats are closing ranks around Biden,” Vanity Fair observed. “To do anything else would amount to siding with Trump, the real offender. But they’re already finding themselves tripped up by Biden’s troubles.”

The charisma now being projected onto Warren, however, is a far cry from the initial assessments that viewed her as unelectable due to her radical positions. Even Warren’s hometown paper, the liberal Boston Globe, encouraged her early on to skip the 2020 race.

One tell-tale sign of the shifting narrative is that Warren—who initially disavowed big-donor contributions as many well-heeled left-wing oligarchs placed their bets on other favorites—has begun poaching the major donors of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., whose fringe appeal remains too far outside the mainstream.

Warren has largely parroted Sanders’s anti-corporate platform but replaced his principled calls for accountability in politics with a more conventional brand of liberal demagoguery.

“Much of the press has begun to frame the race as one of Warren versus Biden, counting out the high rank of Sanders, and she is starting to pull away from him as the safer bet,” said Vanity Fair.

“For a party still plagued by 2016 rifts, Warren has adopted enough economic populism to mollify a lot of Sanders’s 2016 fans while checking enough social-justice-and-identity boxes to reach a lot of Hillary Clinton’s,” it said.

According to a recent poll by YouGov, Warren is now leading in two crucial primary states, New Hampshire and Iowa.

While voters remain diffident about the entire pool of candidates, “hardly any Democratic voters would be ‘disappointed’ if she became the nominee,” said the site.

The key factors, noted YouGov, are that Warren is more “electable” and “well liked” than the alternatives.

“Warren’s major advantage is how few Democratic voters she has alienated,” YouGov reported.

Republicans, meanwhile, have been consistent in their attitudes toward a Warren candidacy to take on Trump: They are begging for it.

“The far-left radical ideas that she’s bringing to the table are just not going to sell in most of America,” former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently told conservative talk-show host John Catsimatidis, according to Newsweek.

“And I think that is a great thing … for the country—because it helps make sure that we get four more years under this president,” Sanders said.

Hillary Clinton Is Reportedly Advising Elizabeth Warren's Campaign
Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton / IMAGE: CBS News

While Newsweek attempted to refute the statement, pointing to polls that show Warren beating Trump, conservatives counter that the reliance on polls where oversampling and other questionable practices frequently impose left-wing bias all but assured a repeat of the 2016 election.

Many see the Left’s echo chamber, in their zeal to sell Warren as a viable contender, glossing over her legion vulnerabilities.

Already Warren has been flustered repeatedly by Trump’s mocking of her fake heritage claims. An attempt to defuse the president’s attack last year resulted in a humiliating DNA test that showed she had less Indian blood than the average Caucasian American.

The fallout forced Warren to issue multiple apologies to the Cherokee Nation for having appropriated their culture. However, the story continues to simmer after documents revealed that she spent years fraudulently exploiting minority status for her professional benefit.

Warren registered as an American Indian with the Texas Bar Association and later identified as such in a series of academic positions with elite universities, including Harvard.

Despite calculated efforts to rehab her image, like chugging a beer on Instagram, Warren’s perceived inauthenticity among voters is likely to be a continuing problem, particularly when she faces Trump’s freewheeling, off-the-cuff rhetorical style in a one-on-one context.

A recent focus group in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin revealed that some uncommitted voters simply regard her as a “bitch.”

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