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Lib Media Use False Flag—Literally—to Bash ‘Nazi’ Trump for Protest Support

‘This … flag is all you need to know about the pro-Trump open Michigan rally today…’

Lib Media Deploy Hoaxes, Hyperbole to Claim Trump a 'Nazi' for Protest Support
A likely anti-Trump protester unfurls a swastika during an Idaho rally in March. Many false, left-wing news reports claimed that the flag was present during a Michigan rally against oppressive government coronavirus orders. / IMAGE: Twitter

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) Left-wing media operatives fell back on their first line of offense last week while attempting to neutralize freedom-fighting protesters—by implying that they were Nazis and white supremacists, among other things.

However, several of their lines of attack subsequently proved to be either greatly exaggerated or outright false, turning the lens back, instead, on the true oppressors.

High-profile protests in Michigan, Virginia and several key battleground states prompted President Donald Trump to offer praise for the civil disobedience, encouraging citizens to “liberate” the states from radical leftist governors.

In response, conspiracy theorists in the liberal press attempted to link the movements to everything from anti-vaxxers to Republican campaign cabals to—of course—Russia.

No evidence exists that the uprisings comprised anything more than loosely organized gatherings that communicated primarily via Facebook groups and other social media.

However, those groups have seen a massive, organic growth in their numbers since states began implementing their draconian and unconstitutional quarantine policies in response to the coronavirus panic.

False Flags

Most in the media picked up on the presence of a Confederate flag during recent protests.

It is commonplace, however, for left-wing operatives to plant demonstrators in right-wing rallies as part of an effort to foment violence and divert attention.

Another debunked line of attack underscored the point, falsely claiming there was a Nazi flag present at the Michigan rally.

Reporters questioning Trump later promulgated the false report about the Nazi flag, attempting to pass it off as fact. However, the “fact-check” site Snopes acknowledged that the flag was likely unfurled by an anti-Trump demonstrator at an Idaho event a month earlier.

The same person was also photographed holding signs in support of then-candidate Bernie Sanders, whose socialist advocacy more closely aligned with the political foundations of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party.

COVID: the New Holocaust

The HuffPost loosely compared modern-day coronavirus contrarians with the German Nazis responsible killing millions of innocent victims during the Holocaust,

Unfortunately, the leftist site’s phony number-crunching undermined its claims and exposed the true political agenda behind them.

Like others, it sought to link Trump’s support of the recent nonviolent rallies to the violent 2017 clash between Antifa and neo-Nazi groups in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Without missing a beat, it suggested that the social-distancing scofflaws were also responsible, like the Nazis, for the murder of innocents.

“In the United States, at least 40,666 people have died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, with nearly 760,000 confirmed cases, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University,

“The death toll in the U.S. is almost twice as high as Spain’s, the country with the world’s second-most virus-related deaths,” she continued.

Given the population disparities, though, that also proved to be a brazenly misleading exaggeration.

In terms of the number of deaths per confirmed cases, the U.S. mortality rate is roughly half that of Spain and remains significantly below the global average, even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently sought to inflate the numbers by counting “probable” coronavirus-related deaths.

The Double-Standard Continues

While many in the leftist media have continued to harp on the reckless conduct of people exercising their constitutional rights to protest against those who are trying to take away those very rights, there seemed to be little widespread media condemnation over residents of New York City, the US epicenter for the disease, who continued to disregard social-distancing rules for far less noble reasons.

It remained unclear how outlets like the HuffPost planned to report on a Brooklyn rave in which more than 60 people were cited for cramming into a barber shop last Thursday.

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