Thursday, May 30, 2024

Leftist Media Laments Failure to Destroy MAGA Mizzou Candidate

'His supporters do not believe he’s done what he’s accused of, they don’t trust the media or the establishment politicians highlighting those things... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) In an article showcasing mainstream media‘s disappointment that pro-liberty candidates are thriving even as leftists try to sabotage their campaigns, Politico this week lamented the survival of GOP Senate candidate Eric Greitens in Missouri, despite efforts to smear him by a radical prosecutor connected to infamous oligarch George Soros.

Greitens faced two criminal charges and a public outcry regarding an extra-marital affair in 2018 when he was governor of Missouri. While Greitens admitted to and apologized for the affair, he denied the charges of blackmail and campaign finance fraud.

All charges against Greitens were dropped. The last person charged in the case was Soros-funded prosecutor Kim Gardner, who has been accused of concealing evidence that would exonerate Greitens.

Politico reported that Greitens’ ex-wife has accused him of spousal and child abuse in addition to the aforementioned scandals. Still, per Politico, that news did not sink Greitens’ campaign.

While Real Clear Politics polling showed that Greitens’ lead has evaporated, he remains “feeling good” about his chances of winning the election. And even as attacks on Greitens’ campaign and character grow, his fans and supporters remain solidly behind him.

Despite the dropped charges, as reported by Politico, “an avalanche of anti-Greitens PAC money … has since flooded airwaves, mailboxes and web browsers across the state,” attempting to capitalize on the false accusations and media-fabricated scandal.

The citizens of Missouri, however, apparently don’t believe the media or its polling.

Politico’s Kathy Gilsinan reported that a Greitens supporter she interviewed didn’t find the attack ads credible.

“He’s been divorced himself and he knows how people can talk about their exes,” Gilsinan wrote about the voter. “Of the ad and others like it, he said that if Greitens is taking fire, it must be because someone is afraid of him.”

Gilsinan reported, “This sentiment is similar to one I heard from Greitens voters around Missouri in recent weeks, and it goes some way toward explaining why, even at his lowest recent numbers, Greitens continues to pull solid double-digit support in Missouri.”

She lamented that, “His supporters do not believe he’s done what he’s accused of, they don’t trust the media or the establishment politicians highlighting those things, and they do trust him.”

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