Monday, December 11, 2023

Police: Gangs Coordinating to Stalk and Rob Ultra-Wealthy LA Residents

'We have seen countless individuals traumatized by having a gun pointed at them...'

(John RansomHeadline USA) Sophisticated gangs are coordinating to follow and rob people in Los Angeles who drive fancy cars and wear expensive jewelry, in what appears to be the targeting of the super-rich, said the Los Angeles Police Department.

The organized gangs are rolling out in cars—similar to how they previously attacked high-end jewelry stores—with quick strike operations that give victims little chance to react, said the LA Times.

“There’s no chance or opportunity for these victims even to comply,” said Capt. Jonathan Tippet, who spearheads the task force investigating the gangs according to the Times.

“They’re just running up to people and attacking them, whether that’s putting a gun in their face or punching them and beating on them,” he continued. “Pistol whipping them as well.”

The task force has so far identified 17 gangs that they believe are responsible for the crimes, including more than 200 “follow home” robberies, said the Daily Mail.

“We have seen countless individuals traumatized by having a gun pointed at them and [being] robbed,” said Tippet.

So far, two people have been killed in robbery attempts, and many more people are suffering trauma after “being tackled, kicked, beaten, punched and … pistol whipped to the head,” said police.

The crime wave in California has gotten so bad because of lax prosecutions and so-called criminal-justice reform—supported by radical progressives like George Soros-backed District Attorney George Gascon—that the state has been forced to spend COVID relief money on extra law-enforcement reported the UK’s Guardian.

Los Angeles, for example, has spent 50% of its COVID money, made available through last year’s American Rescue Plan, on the police department, said the Guardian.

The US Postal Service has also taken the unusual step of suspending postal deliveries in parts of Southern California because of the danger to postal workers from crime.

“The mail is really something that you take for granted,” one Santa Monica resident told Fox and Friends. “Their motto is neither snow nor rain, and… nothing will really stop them from delivering, but it turns out that crime has—and we find that crime has affected our daily lives.”

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