Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Rep. LaMalfa Files Bills to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Gender Surgeries for Kids

'Our society has quickly ‘normalized’ gender experimentation under the guise of an ‘accepting’ political ideology rather than biological reality...'

Rep. Doug LaMalfa, R-Calif., has filed a pair of bills to prevent aggressive puberty-blocking drugs and gender reassignment surgeries for children—and taxpayers from funding them.

Once unthinkable, a growing movement of parents, activist groups and Democrat politicians is determined to facilitate irreversible sexual damage on children under the banner of transgender rights, according to LaMalfa.

On Monday, he filed the Protecting Children from Experimentation Act and the End Taxpayer Funding of Gender Experimentation Act to protect minors and taxpayers from the hideous consequences of childhood gender medical treatments.

“Our society has quickly ‘normalized’ gender experimentation under the guise of an ‘accepting’ political ideology rather than biological reality,” LaMalfa said in a statement.

He added that children and disapproving taxpayers are both “paying the high price of these unethical medical interventions.”

The first bill aims to prohibit doctors from performing experimental gender reassignment treatments on children.

Puberty-blocking hormones followed by cross-sex hormones can cause irreversible damage to children’s bodies, he said, including an increased risk of cancer and permanent sterilization.

The second bill would protect taxpayers’ “conscience rights” by prohibiting federal funding for gender treatments and reassignment surgeries.

Both bills have multiple co-sponsors, and conservative groups like Heritage Action for America and the Family Research Council have applauded the collective efforts.

Co-sponsor Rep. Ralph Norman, R-SC, said that some of the most important laws in a healthy society are those that protect children.

“When it comes to experimentational gender reassignment, most adolescent psychological experts agree that children are simply not capable of fully comprehending the factors or long-term ramifications of these treatments,” Norman warned.

Rep. Rick Allen, R-Georgia, said “children are precious and made in the image of God.”

“They are not experimental pawns and should never be subject to the unforeseen consequences of gender reassignment procedures,” Allen said.

The legislative efforts are also supported by the American College of Pediatricians, Christian Medical & Dental Associations and Family Watch International.

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