Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Eric Holder Has Plan to Bypass SCOTUS’s Gerrymandering Decision

‘History will not be kind in its assessment of the ways in which this court has undermined voting rights and core democratic principles in America…’

Eric Holder, Dems Have Plan to Bypass SCOTUS Gerrymandering Decision
Eric Holder / IMAGE: Mother Jones via Youtube

(Ben Sellers, Liberty Headlines) When the Supreme Court last week ruled in a pair of landmark cases that federal courts had no jurisdiction in dictating how states determine their voting districts, conservatives hailed it as a victory against the Left’s efforts to undermine duly elected state legislatures.

But, in fact, it merely added an extra step for groups like former Attorney General Eric Holder‘s National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which has considerable resources tied in its plan to forcibly redraw the political map using liberal judges.

The focus is now on installing radical activists on state Supreme Courts, who can then use their authority to gerrymander both federal districts and the state districts in order to turn state legislatures blue before the next round of redistricting in 2021.

And with the U.S. Supreme Court having washed its hands of the matter, there will be no legal remedy if they succeed.

Already, Democrat activists in North Carolina, one of the two states—along with Maryland—that was represented in the recent court decision, have pushed the very same complaint to the state level, where a solid liberal majority on the state Supreme Court bench is poised to forcibly redistrict the state’s Republican legislative seats.

Meanwhile Holder has shifted his list of targets from national races to hone in completely on state-level races in vulnerable regions.

There, he is able to leverage the massive infrastructure and funding from NDRC’s tax-exempt trust and political-action committee to influence key local elections with implications for the entire country.

Earlier this year, former President Barack Obama merged his own campaign arm, Organizing for Action, into the Holder-led gerrymandering group, giving his self-declared wingman and donation bundler access to an army of social-justice warriors ready to mobilize at the click of a button.

Although conservatives recently established their own counterpart, the National Republican Redistricting Trust, with former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker helping to raise the group’s profile, it has nowhere near the level of resources needed to go toe-to-toe with the NDRC in courtroom battles.

Scott Walker Tells NFL Players to Focus on Not Beating Their Wives 1
Scott Walker/Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

Walker’s home state of Wisconsin is among the 12 historically red or battleground states that the NDRC has directly targeted for upcoming elections.

Issuing a menacing statement in response to the recent Supreme Court decision, Holder—who notoriously has declared that America was never great—threatened the conservative judiciary that it will suffer for not ruling in his favor.

“History will not be kind in its assessment of the ways in which this court has undermined voting rights and core democratic principles in America,” he said.

In its decision last week, however, the Supreme Court explicitly rejected the effort to use the courts as a means of reversing unfavorable election outcomes.

Chief Justice John Roberts cautioned that the result could be having every future election challenged and decided ultimately by the ideological leanings of the court rather than the people of the district.

“The expansion of judicial authority would not be into just any area of controversy, but into one of the most intensely partisan aspects of American political life,” Roberts said.

“That intervention would be unlimited in scope and duration—it would recur over and over again around the country with each new round of districting, for state as well as federal representatives,” he said.

Despite those bipartisan concerns, Holder continued to use misinformation to sway the partisan Left into supporting his efforts, with the goal of securing a permanent Democrat majority in both the legislatures and the courts.

Holder collaborated with far-left mouthpiece Mother Jones to create a propaganda video in order to spin his efforts to the general populace.

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