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Al Gore Goes on CNN to Pitch Automatic Voter Registration for ‘Everyone’

'We ought to invite everyone in to the voting booth and have everyone take part in helping to guide this nation...'

Much of the problem with vote fraud that exists today can be traced to the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which streamlined voter-registration by allowing voters to register when applying for a driver’s license.

The NVRA (aka Motor Voter law) also provides that states are obligated to maintain up-to-date voter registries. However, many blue-states have selectively enforced or actively fought this aspect of it.

Now, in the latest brazen attempt to eliminate all safeguards on election integrity, the man who was vice president during the Motor Voter push nearly 30 years ago is hoping to ratchet up the rhetoric as Democrats seek to grab total control over regulating national elections.

Al Gore, the former vice president and failed presidential candidate, went on CNN Monday to push his plan for automatic voter registration, The Hill reported.

“We ought to invite everyone in to the voting booth and have everyone take part in helping to guide this nation,” he told host Don Lemon.

It is unclear whether Gore was implying that children under 18, illegal immigrants, foreign nationals, incarcerated felons and other groups who customarily have been ineligible to vote would be included in his proposal.

However, Republicans fear that radical leftists like Gore now mean precisely what they say, and that they are pushing to allow these and other left-leaning constituencies—such as dead people, nonresidents and those who already voted—greater access to the ballot box.

The 2020 presidential election, in which Democrats used widespread mail-in voting as one of several strategies to enact systemic vote fraud in crucial battleground states, was a shining example of why more—not less—integrity measures must be enacted.

Several state legislatures are currently scrambling to do so, putting in place more rigorous identification checks and signature standards on absentee ballots following reports that cities like Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Philadelphia may have had pre-filled ballots shipped by the truckload to polling locations.

Despite hundreds of sworn witness affidavits attesting to the fraud—as well as mathematical irregularities in the voting itself—neither the Justice Department nor the Supreme Court was willing to examine the evidence in a meaningful way.

The nation-rending outcome led outraged conservatives to voice their disapproval during the Jan. 6 uprising at the US Capitol—but in response, leftist elites and their deep-state co-conspirators have only doubled-down on suppression and intimidation tactics.

Despite Gore’s having vocally clamored for years that his own 2000 defeat at the hands of deep-statist George W. Bush was illegitimate, he now seems to have changed his tune.

The political fossil echoed the refrain of gaslighting media and Democrat power-mongers in maintaining that vote fraud was virtually nonexistent, despite ample evidence to the contrary from watchdogs like the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

“There’s no record of voter fraud,” Gore claimed. “One or two little cases every once in a while.”

Gore—whose father, Albert Gore Sr., was an avowed racist and had attempted to block the passage of the Civil Rights Act—also deployed the race card, claiming that common-sense measures verifying voter identity were tantamount to the Jim Crow-era policies his namesake once stood firmly behind.

“It is a naked effort to try and suppress black, brown and indigenous votes,” he claimed.

However, voter-integrity advocates have noted that there is no basis for such claims since all eligible voters have equal access to identification cards, which are required for many other essential components of modern life.

As a result, the only motive for wanting to oppose them would be that Democrats object to having voters verify their identity for another reason.

Gore’s re-emergence in the public sphere comes as contemporaries of his, including President Joe Biden and climate czar John Kerry, have become the latest avatars for Marxist extremists to attempt to “normalize” their agenda.

His outlandish proposal conveniently coincides with heated debate over HR1, the so-called “For the People” Act, which House Democrats already passed on a party-line vote.

The legislation is destined to fail in the evenly-split Senate unless the Democrat majority audaciously decides to end the filibuster—thereby allowing them, like the House, to pass it on a party-line basis with current Vice President Kamala Harris serving as the tiebreaker.

If successful, the bill would allow unprecedented federal oversight in regulating state and local elections; would eliminate most existing safeguards for verifying voter identity; and would, in effect, enable permanent, self-sustaining Democrat majorities as they codify once-illegal practices into law.

It includes measures—among many others—to permit same-day, on-site voter registration; legalize ballot-harvesting nationwide; allow no-excuse, mail-in absentee-voting for everyone; and extend the deadlines for receiving votes to well after Election Day.

Gore did put forth one proposal that might potentially see bipartisan consensus: moving Election Day.

“We ought to have voting on weekends instead of on Tuesday, on a work day,” he said.

However, that proposal, as stated, is not likely to win much popular support.

In fact, it might even drive down participation among those unwilling to stand in line on their day off with throngs of felons, underage, nonresident and dead voters seeking to register at the last minute.

Unless, of course, deterring actual, eligible voters from participating in elections is also part of the leftist strategy.

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