Wednesday, November 29, 2023

GOP’s Tudor Dixon and Gay Uncle Who Went Viral Both Slam Leftist Grooming of Students

'If I were to teach your child about my sexuality without your consent or involvement, I'd be arrested... '

(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) While Democrat incumbents entrenched in Michigan’s leftist government have continued to ignore the disturbing transexual training videos being used by the public education system to groom students, Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon has called for the state’s schools chief to resign.

“Let me very clear about something,” Dixon said at a press conference outside the Michigan Department of Education, reported the Detroit News. “This is not about LGBTQ issues. This is about protecting children and protecting parents’ rights and getting our schools back to the basics of teaching kids how to read, write and do math.”

The state’s superintendent of public instruction, Michael Rice, instead has been promoting training sessions for teachers and staff that provide directives for a radical LGBT agenda and encouraged hiding information from parents, Dixon said.

The call for Rice’s resignation came in response to a report by City-Journal’s Christopher F. Rufo that Michigan educators were teaching gender “fluidity” beginning in elementary school and providing information about guidance on sexual transitioning without parental consent.

The same aggressive promotion of sexualizing students at a young age without parental consent is taking place in leftist enclaves across the country, and it is increasingly being challenged by concerned parents, educators and students.

“If I were to teach your child about my sexuality without your consent or involvement, I’d be arrested,” said a man going by Mario Presents. “But when the school district does it, it’s education.”

Presents, a gay, Hispanic conservative, was addressing officials in a California school district that is starting to teach transgenderism and gender fluidity to students under 10, without parental consent or knowledge. Speaking on behalf of the Gays Against Groomers Coalition, Presents said he was the uncle of two students in the school district.

“Districts are teaching transgenderism when they should be teaching science, math and language,” Presents said. “Instead, teachers are hiding student pronouns from their parents under the guise of gender affirmation.

“Can you imagine the uproar if schools were evangelizing or baptizing children without parental consent?” he asked. “Isn’t that sort of like what you’re doing?”

There’s no uproar coming from leftists about indoctrination of grade-schoolers in Michigan, where incumbent Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has refused to call for the state superintendent’s resignation, despite the recent damning revelations.

GOP gubernatorial candidate Dixon said when she called for the schools chief to resign, “He doubled down when sickening training videos were exposed.”

“He is unfit for office,” Dixon tweeted. “Parents will not have information hidden from them. @gretchenwhitmer is silent about it all.”

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