GOP Reps. Demand FBI Briefing on China-Compromised Swalwell

'Such a briefing is necessary, because each Committee is responsible for protecting the classified information in its care...'

As Democrats continue to stoke alarm over nonexistent domestic-terror threats, mobilizing thousands of National Guardsmen and installing a perimeter of concertina razor-wire around the US Capitol to guard against white-supremacist boogeymen, the true threat to national security may already be within.

On Wednesday, the 14 GOP members of the House Committee on Homeland Security sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting a security briefing on fellow committee member Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., following recent revelations that Swalwell was compromised by a Chinese “honey-trap” spy.

Swalwell is believed to have been one of several low- to mid-level public officials who maintained a sexual relationship with Christine Feng, a Chinese Communist Party operative, between 2011 and 2015.

“In light of Fang’s infiltration of Rep. Swalwell’s inner circle, we believe Members of Congress must know the full extent of the CCP’s efforts to target Members of Congress,” said the letter, which was spearheaded by Rep. Dan Bishop, R-NC, and ranking GOP committee member John Katko, R-NY.

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“This potential breach of our national security is especially concerning due to Rep. Swalwell’s position as a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, where Members have access to our nation’s most sensitive classified information,” it continued. “This includes information classified as Top Secret, which by its very nature ‘could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security’ if subject to unauthorized disclosure.”

The extent of the damage caused by Swalwell’s presence on both the Homeland Security and Intelligence committees is yet unknown since Democrats and their deep-state allies within the intelligence community currently hold all the levers of power that might be used to shed light on the scandal.

Wray briefed congressional leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Dec. 18. However, the GOP congressmen said that only raised more questions since Pelosi reassigned Swalwell to the powerful and highly sensitive committees after the briefing.

“At this time, no information or justification for this assignment has been provided,” the congressmen wrote. “… Such a briefing is necessary, because each Committee is responsible for protecting the classified information in its care.”

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Pelosi also doubled-down on the partisan affront by giving Swalwell a plum role as a manager in the House’s second failed impeachment attempt.

There, he was able to attempt a rehabilitation of his public image among rank-and-file leftists while, ironically, bludgeoning right-wing Trump supporters with accusations of disloyalty and sedition.

Meanwhile, the FBI’s silence, yet again, spoke volumes as to where its political allegiances lay.

Wray was initially appointed by President Donald Trump to replace corrupt FBI Director James Comey, whom Trump had fired a few months into his presidential term.

But rather than serve the public interest, Wray frequently has shown that his top priority is the preservation of the FBI, whose reputation took a major hit following the Russia-collusion hoax and other efforts to undermine Trump.

Wray publicly second-guessed Trump on several significant policy matters, including the designation of Antifa as a domestic-terrorism group.

In testimony before the Senate, he repeated left-wing talking-points suggesting that the anarchist organization was merely an “ideology” embraced by a loosely affiliated collective of well-funded militants who happen to be trained in guerilla-warfare tactics.

Wray’s assertions gave fuel to Democrats during the election season to continue ducking their own calls to repudiate the months of sustained violence and destruction orchestrated by Antifa.

Shortly thereafter, House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, claimed Antifa was a “myth” that only existed within the boundaries of Washington, DC.

But in other cases, Wray’s deliberate decision not to speak out proved just as damaging.

After a copy of the data from Hunter Biden‘s abandoned laptop fell into Republican hands, Wray and the FBI remained silent on the fact that they had subpoenaed the original laptop as evidence, allowing mainstream media to spread the false narrative that it was a hoax.

The FBI even sat on the laptop’s potentially exculpatory information throughout Trump’s first impeachment, and they only acknowledged after the election was over that they were investigating Hunter for money laundering and tax fraud.

Wray also promoted the dubious narrative that Russia was actively involved in an election-interference campaign. But despite the serious issues involving Democrats’ election interference under the pretense of pandemic “emergency” powers, the Russia threat, once again, never materialized.

In the same intelligence report, Wray downplayed China’s interference, saying they had merely expressed a “preference” for Biden.

Most recently, conservative journalists have found that in one final swipe at their former boss, Wray and other key officials successfully stymied Trump from declassifying materials that may have potentially reflected poorly on the FBI and CIA.

Although Trump called in one of his final executive orders for all of the “Crossfire Hurricane” files to be declassified, the agencies were able to slow-walk the process, forcing Trump to abandon the effort as the end of his term drew nearer.

“I think there were people within the [Intelligence Community], at the heads of certain intelligence agencies, who did not want their tradecraft called out, even though it was during a former administration, because it doesn’t look good on the agency itself,” Kash Patel, a top aide to Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told RealClearInvestigations.

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