Trump Campaign Spox: Dems Want to ‘Hold Hands and Hug’ after Threats, Violence and Fraud

'They were literally extorting the American people by saying, vote how we want or we're going to burn your city to the ground...'

President Donald Trump‘s national press secretary highlighted the Democratic Party’s hypocritical calls for peace and unity, following the state media’s premature declaration that Joe Biden is the president-elect, Fox News reported.

“They were literally extorting the American people by saying, vote how we want or we’re going to burn your city to the ground,” said Hogan Gidley, Trump’s press secretary for his 2020 reelection campaign, on Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla.

“And now they’re saying, but let’s all hold hands and hug,” he said. “Because while we did call you all these horrible names and we don’t like anything about you, you guys should really tone things down a bit.”

The Deep State, with the aid of the Democratic Party, the corporate media, academia and Hollywood, have spent the past four years illegally—yet intentionally—sabotaging Trump’s presidency.

Throughout much of the summer, their foot-soldiers in Antifa and Black Lives Matter subjected the nation’s cities to anarchic violence to warn the nation about the consequences of Trump’s reelection.

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Gidley reminded listeners that Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., called on Democrats to publicly harass officials in the Trump administration and “tell them they’re not welcome here.”

“I mean, what did you think was going to happen? And so I’m not going to take a lecture on civility from Democrats,” Gidley said.

Despite Biden’s posturing as the president-elect, Gidley said audits, recounts and investigations remain before there is a final determination.

“Countless examples all over this country, videos being shown, fraudulent ballots being cast, votes being thrown away, ballots being shredded, burned—all those things,” he said. “We’re looking into this.”

Gidley cited the most alarming example from the 2020 presidential election: the errors in Dominion Voting Systems, a software that switched votes from Biden to Trump in Michigan.

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The same system was used all across the country.

“But to pretend as though the votes aren’t there when you have a glitch in one county in Michigan because of software that changed 6,000 votes,” he said. “And that same software is used in 47 counties, that’s 228,000 votes.”

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