Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Gallup Appears to End ‘Most Admired’ Poll for Fear of Trump Win

'The poll began in 1940 and has been an annual tradition all the way until 2020... '

Gallup’s 74-year-old ‘Most Admired’ poll has come to an end this year due to the polling institution’s fears that the nasty former President Donald Trump would win, NewsBusters reported.

The establishment’s concern is fair. The former president has attained unprecedented popularity, despite their attempts to make a villain of him following the January 6 protest.

Gallup has long served as a political weapon of the establishment, and is now being used in service directly opposed to the people.

The poll began in 1940 and has been an annual tradition all the way until 2020.

The ‘most admired’ award has been handed out every year during that time, with only 1976 excepted.

Last year Donald Trump surpassed progressive hero and political activist Barack Obama and most media started ignoring the poll.

On a ‘Fox and Friends’ episode last year, Jillian Mele pointed out Donald Trump’s rise.

“A Gallup poll finds President Trump to be the most admired man of 2020 — 18 percent of Americans naming him as their pick, ending Barack Obama‘s 12-year run,” she said. “He, by the way, got 15 percent of the vote.”

She also compared Trump favorably to the perennially unpopular Joe Biden.

“Broken down by party, 48 percent of Republicans named President Trump their most admired man, compared to just 13 percent of Democrats naming Joe Biden,” she concluded.

Trump’s popularity has risen despite the media’s biased portrayal of him on January 6th, while Obama’s has declined steadily since 2017.

This year, with Donald Trump presumably scoring a decisive victory, the pollsters have decided not to release any stories at all.

The cowardly decision is yet another sign of the political and cultural elite’s concern for its slipping power.

As Hollywood, DC, and the mainstream media all come under increasing attack during the post-COVID era, it becomes more and more clear that major shifts in the political landscape are occurring.

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