Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Two Federal Judges to Stop Hiring Stanford Law School Clerks

'Rules aren't rules without consequences. And students who practice intolerance don't belong in the legal profession...'

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Two federal judges have said that they will no longer hire law clerks who attended Stanford Law School after school officials appeared to tacitly condone the ambush of a visiting conservative colleague, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

In March, Stanford Law students shouted down Fifth Circuit Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan with the encouragement of activist administrator Tirien Steinbach, the assistant dean overseeing diversity, equity and inclusion.

Among the caustic remarks student protesters shouted at Duncan during his speech—which came at the invitation of the campus chapter of the Federalist Society—was, “We hope your daughters get raped.”

The two circuit court judges, James Ho and Elizabeth Branch, both of whom have also boycotted Yale Law graduates, made the announcement in a Saturday speech.

“We will not hire any student who chooses to attend Stanford Law School in the future,” wrote Ho, who also sits on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

According to Ho, the actions of the students and the DEI dean should be considered “intellectual terrorism.”

He also suggested that the unwillingness of Stanford Law School to punish the offending students showed that the law school was not serious about enforcing the law.

“Rules aren’t rules without consequences. And students who practice intolerance don’t belong in the legal profession,” Ho said.

“How do we know everyone’s views will be protected if everyone’s views aren’t represented?” he added.

Ho said the problem of discrimination must be resolved quickly or the legal profession will continue to be deeply influenced by partisanship.

“Imagine that every judge who says they’re opposed to discrimination at Yale and Stanford takes the same path,” he said.

“Imagine they decide that, until the discrimination stops, they will no longer hire from those schools in the future,” he continued. “How quickly do we think those schools would stop discriminating then?”

Ho and Branch were two of 14 conservatives in the legal profession who boycotted Yale Law graduates in the wake of their March 2022 disruption of Kristen Waggoner, a religious liberty lawyer who has won several cases at the Supreme Court.

At the Federalist Society event, 120 students crowded into the room to shout down Waggoner, with some threatening to “literally fight you, b*tch.”

“It was disturbing to witness law students whipped into a mindless frenzy,” Waggoner said following the incident. “I did not feel it was safe to get out of the room without security.”

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