Facebooks BANS Officers from Posting on Their Law Enforcement Site

'Not sure that FascistBook owes anybody anything, and the sooner it dies off the better...'

Without explanation, Facebook has suspended new posts on Law Enforcement Today, the largest news website owned and operated by law enforcement officers, the group said on Twitter.

The page’s previous posts remain available, but administrators cannot post new content for their 860,000 followers, Reclaim the Net reported.

The most recent posts from Law Enforcement Today oppose censorship and crime.

“We support those who hold the Thin Blue Line… in part because we ARE those who hold the Thin Blue Line,” the group says in its “About” page.

This is the second time Facebook has censored Law Enforcement Today.

In December, Facebook removed posting rights from Law Enforcement Today’s national spokesman, Kyle Reyes.

Twitter users celebrated the group’s suspension.

A few remaining conservatives on Twitter defended Law Enforcement Today.

Others told Law Enforcement Today to abandon Facebook, despite its massive following on the platform.

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