Unsealed Epstein Docs EXPOSE FBI Cover-Up of Powerful (Alleged) Pedos

'I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone...'

The accusations brought forth by documents unsealed last night in the Ghislaine Maxwell case not only finger former President Bill Clinton, but also suggest yet another instance in which the Obama-era FBI laid cover for powerful Democrats.

Following their release, Techno Fog, a well-established conservative watchdog site on Twitter, immediately began to unpackage the damning depositions from Maxwell’s primary accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

The documents revealed that the FBI was pursuing the case as early as 2008 and likely aware of Clinton’s direct ties to Epstein and Maxwell, as well as those of other powerful men, but allowed them to remain in the public eye.

More shockingly, the documents reveal that the FBI had failed to complete its interviews with witnesses when Epstein was offered a 2007 plea deal that gave him a minimal jail sentence.

Former Trump Administration Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who was the federal prosecutor overseeing Epstein’s Florida plea deal, resigned from his Cabinet position last year after Epstein’s arrest by New York authorities.

According to the left-wing Daily Beast, Acosta previously signaled that Epstein was involved in intelligence operations and pressured to “leave it alone.”

Following his arrest last year, the accused, Epstein, later died in prison of presumed suicide by hanging.

However, the case involving Maxwell, his longtime female accomplice, offers one last hope for the underage victims to receive justice.

Meanwhile, many of the alleged perpetrators not only have ducked consequences, but have been actively protected by those entrusted to enforce the laws.

Even after interviewing and maintaining regular contact by 2014 with Giuffre, whose testimony confirmed Clinton’s visits to Epstein’s so-called Pedophile Island, FBI agents suppressed the information as Clinton’s wife, Hillary, sought the highest office in the land.

Giuffre (who went by Virginia Roberts at the time) first reached out to the FBI about pursuing its own case to no avail.

She later sought evidence that the FBI had taken in the hopes of using it to pursue a civil case, but the agency completely stonewalled her, thus barring any hope (at the time) of receiving justice.

Agent Christina Pryor did not respond to the request made in April 2014, despite the fact that the FBI had its own copies of the damaging material in question, among which was a photo of Giuffre with Great Britain’s Prince Andrew.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, was embroiled in an equally notorious FBI cover-up of her own, “Operation Mid-Year Review,” which was led by corrupt agent Peter Strzok.

Appropriately, another convicted pedophile, Anthony Weiner, would prove to be her undoing after classified emails showed up on the former congressman’s personal laptop while he was married to Clinton personal assistant Huma Abedin.

That led the FBI to reopen its prematurely dismissed probe of Clinton’s emails only weeks before the election.

Weiner was convicted of contacting a 15-year-old girl using the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” and sending her sexually explicit images that were later leaked.

While Abedin left him in 2016, her former boss, Hillary Clinton, has famously stood by her man, despite rampant allegations of sexual abuse, which led to his 1998 impeachment while president.

Democrats have long deflected from the accusations in the Epstein case that predominately involve left-wing officials, by pointing to President Donald Trump’s association with Epstein.

Giuffre’s unsealed testimony, however, appeared to clear him of criminal conduct while not absolving him entirely.

She alleged that Trump knew of Epstein’s operation and would flirt with the girls but never had sex with them.


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