Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Disgraced Ex-FBI Chief Comey Still Pushing Phony Russia-Collusion Claim

'The president must be someone who abides the law and our Constitution. And there’s no one else but Joe Biden... '

(Headline USA) Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey once again claimed that Russia “wants” former President Donald Trump to be in the White House, pushing long debunked allegations of Russian collusion.

Asked by MSNBC’s Jen Psaki whether we should “expect Russia to interfere on [Trump’s] behalf in 2024,” Comey said: “Yes, of course. Vladmir Putin does not want Joe Biden to be president of the United States for reasons that I hope the American people see because he acts in our national interests. He would very much like Donald Trump to be president again because Donald Trump – for reasons I still can’t explain – very, very fond of Vladmir Putin. And so they will find ways to interfere.”

Comey then suggested that intelligence agencies might have to take action to prevent such collusion.

“I hope our intelligence community is equipped to respond maybe better than we did in 2016. But they’ll come for this election,” he claimed.

When asked who Americans should support in 2024, Comey said: “It has to be Joe Biden. And I’m glad he’s willing to serve. It has to be somebody committed to the rule of law, committed to the values of this country.”

Even if Americans disagree with Biden on policy, Comey said, they should be willing to put aside those “disagreements.”

“The president must be someone who abides the law and our Constitution. And there’s no one else but Joe Biden,” he claimed.

Comey said that if Trump won the GOP nomination and then the White House again, there would be “four years of a retribution presidency.”

“He could order the prosecution of individuals who he sees as enemies. I’m sure I’m on the enemies list,” Comey alleged. “Because the president constitutionally does oversee the executive branch entirely, which includes the Department of Justice, prosecutors and investigators. And so he could commission, direct that individuals be pursued.”

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