Saturday, April 20, 2024

DHS Pay Community Orgs $20M to Target Conservatives as Potential ‘Violent Extremists’

'It’s focused on spying on law-abiding Americans who the government considers dangerous simply because of their views on various political or social issues... '

(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) In the run-up to the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security announced $20 million in federal grants to organizations to “prevent targeted violence and terrorism.” But the grant money won’t be used to combat terrorist groups like al Qaeda or ISIS, and instead will be used to target conservatives as “violent extremists” and terrorists.

The DHS funded 34 organizations “to identify political dissidents and foster interventions among those Americans considered to be ‘going down a path toward violence,'” according to reporting by an independent journalist Leo Hohmann.

Universities, behavioral and mental health providers, youth services organizations, schools, churches, faith leaders and state law enforcement agencies were among the organizations that received the $20 million from DHS to punish enemies of the Biden regime. The groups were tasked with targeting anyone who voiced dissent against the accepted narrative regarding COVID-19 tyranny, immigration, LGBT propaganda, murdering babies in the womb and other actions by considering them potential “violent extremists.”

The funding came from the DHS Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships, which is also known as CP3. The program launched in 2020 and, as of September 2023, had awarded $70 million in grants to private nonprofits and state and local government agencies.

“[The CP3 program] helps to prevent targeted violence and terrorism” by bringing together “mental health providers, educators, faith leaders, public health officials, social services, nonprofits and others in communities across the country to help people who may be escalating to violence,” a DHS press release obfuscated.

“This all sounds wonderful, until you figure out that it’s not focused on actual terrorists or drug cartel members who slip into our country every day from across wide-open borders with intent to harm Americans,” Hohmann wrote.

“It’s focused on spying on law-abiding Americans who the government considers dangerous simply because of their views on various political or social issues.”

Among the obscure 2023 grant program’s priorities were the advancement of equity in awards and engaging “underserved communities” in prevention;  addressment of online aspects of targeted violence and terrorism; prevention of domestic violent extremism; and enhancement of local threat assessment and management capabilities, according to the DHS website.

“A dangerous precedent with inroads to tyrannical communism. Beware – those in power care nothing about the constitution or the rights it gives us. Once they’ve subdued political rivals, all the rest will be expected to relinquish their rights as well,” one commentator  tweeted in response to the revelations produced in Hohmann’s reporting.

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