Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Dems Urge Biden to Pick Michelle Obama As VP

'She has the power not only to assure victory over Donald Trump but to unite a bitterly divided nation...'

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is set to announce his pick for Vice President this month, and some supporters are pushing him to tap former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The supporters even created the “Committee to Draft Michelle Obama for VP” to lobby and convince Biden that the only way to win the presidency is by choosing Mrs. Obama, who is the “most admired woman in the world,” according to the committee.

“As a candidate, she has the power not only to assure victory over Donald Trump but to unite a bitterly divided nation and continue her life’s tireless work for the American people. As a leader, her stature and preexisting rapport with heads of state are unparalleled,” the committee wrote in a letter to the Biden campaign, according to The Hill.

Even though Biden leads President Trump in just about every national poll, Democrats “cannot afford to take any chances,” the letter states.

“Mr. Biden must put forward the strongest ticket possible for a crushing landslide that not only unseats Mr. Trump but throws the un-American spirit of Trumpism on the ash heap of history. One that also strengthens the opportunity to win down the ticket and take back the U.S. Senate. This is why we encourage Mr. Biden to formally invite Ms. Obama,” they wrote.

Biden has previously said that he would ask Obama to be his vice president “in a heartbeat,” but noted that she is not eager to step back into the world of politics anytime soon.

Earlier this week Mrs. Obama said on her podcast that she was suffering from a “low-grade” depression, which she attributed to the coronavirus and to President Trump.

This hesitance shouldn’t stop Biden from asking though, the committee argued.

“We realize such an invitation is a sensitive matter for Ms. Obama, one to which she has given great thought and declined in the past. Of course, we honor whatever she decides now, but we would be remiss if we did not put forth the considerations that we feel underscore her singularity as a leader for this challenging time,” they wrote.

Biden’s other top choices include Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and former national security adviser Susan Rice, according to sources close to the Biden campaign.

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