Saturday, July 13, 2024

SELLERS: Dems Pull Off a Shocking Surprise Win in 1st (and Only) 2024 Debate

'Telling people they didn't see what they saw is not the way to respond to this...'

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) Is there ever a way to beat the house if a game is rigged from the start? Probably not.

Likewise, the Democrats’ master plan has long been sealed, possibly since well before the COVID-19 pandemic derailed the Obama machine’s first plan to run against Trump by engineering a series of nationwide race riots (as Headline USA predicted in April 2019, more than a year before the George Floyd incident).

Perhaps the candidate will not be Michelle Obama but another proxy. At this point, however, Democrats may already be facing limited options with Biden having secured the nomination, depending on his health and willingness to play ball.

Those “variables,” of course, have likely also been accounted for in this high-stakes game.

Biden admitted during his 2020 debates with Trump that he saw himself as a “transitional” president, and he has certainly succeeded in bridging the gap in America between democracy and the socialist revolution that the Obamas may have originally envisioned but lacked the political will to enact once they became accustomed to the glamorous lifestyle.

For much of his life, Obama was groomed to be the quintessential patsy, the avatar for special interest organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Weather Underground, all linked back to various international socialist movements, and bound together with financing by billionaire oligarchs and foreign nations who recognized the inherent vulnerabilities in America’s pro-capitalist representative democracy.

Now, the Obamas may have the luxury of choosing the next patsy to serve as an empty vessel in the Oval Office, but it will need to be someone for whom minimal campaigning is necessary under the circumstances, who can sit back and allow the system to work, as Biden did in 2020.

Although the outcome of Thursday night’s debate was always hiding in plain sight, it is remarkable how easy it is to get swept up into the fanciful ideas that a juiced up Biden, despite having no notes to work from, might have colluded with CNN to ambush Republican contender Donald Trump.

Perhaps that was Trump’s plan all along, recognizing that if he had been bullied onstage it would only have helped him more.

As it stands, Trump may have lost the debate by winning, by stumbling into a cake walk and suddenly realizing that Republicans should be doing everything possible to force Biden not onto the debate stage but onto the stage at Chicago in August for the Democratic National Convention.

What remains clear is that this is no time for the GOP to take its eye off where the ball is heading. With the Biden panic—over things that conservative media have spent months warning about—suddenly capturing the headlines, it is the perfect time for another sleight of hand.

What’s next? Take down Trump, of course.

The Supreme Court rulings that will drop in the Jan. 6 and presidential immunity cases will provide the perfect vehicle for that. As of this writing, they have yet to be revealed, and I have no advance knowledge of the disposition, but I can assure the reader that they will play to the political advantage of the Democrats’ master plan.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter which way the decision goes, just as it didn’t matter which Biden or which Trump showed up for the debate. The contingency plan takes both into account, and the trap has been laid in such a way that no matter what happens it will be a win.

If the courts rule in their favor, Democrats send Trump to jail. If they waver in any way, we will suddenly realize what the months of negative media about Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito have been for as the same social-justice warriors they mobilized to protest on college campuses start to converge on the courts, ready to wage an intimidation campaign that will become central to the election.

Democrats will note that they switched out their candidate and insist that Republicans should do the same, for the sake of “democracy.”

Republicans know to hold steadfast, and don’t get taken in by the misdirection. But as Thursday’s debate shows, that is easier said than done when dealing with master gaslighters of the highest order.

Ben Sellers is the editor of Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/realbensellers.

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