Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Dems Try to Counter ‘Grooming’ Accusations as GOP Attack Hits Nerve

'If Jesus Christ were alive today, he would be called a groomer, he would be called woke, and he would be called a socialist...'

(John RansomHeadline USA) Democrats are circling the wagons as the GOP label of “grooming” for the progressive push to indoctrinate children in LGBT and Critical Race Theory agendas is beginning to stick.

The GOP, under the leadership of Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, has been successfully pushing back against incorporating both radical gay and radical racial social teachings in school curriculums.

And the Democrats are beginning to crack under the pressure.

This week Michigan state Sen. Mallory McMorrow, a Democrat, accused Republicans of “weaponizing religion and Christianity” in the GOP’s fight against the progressive agenda, according to the Associated Press.

This coming from the party that once booed the mention of God at the national presidential nominating convention.

As Republicans go on the offensive against the heaping helping of racial and gender strife being served up by Democrats in the classroom, McMorrow attempted to play the ultimate pity card by claiming Republican rhetoric puts Democrats in danger.

“What a horrible thing to say to somebody and not care about the consequences,” McMorrow told reporters Wednesday, as she claimed the “grooming” label would eventually result in violence against Democrats, reported the AP.

This coming from the Party which claimed that Trump’s management of the COVID crisis was an attempt to deliberately kill people, as was George W Bush’s attempt to win the Iraq war, and as was Ronald Reagan’s attempt to do anything.

McMorrow’s speech went viral, getting attention from Hillary Clinton; the Lincoln Project (which was founded by a man who was accused of abusing his political positions to literally “groom” young men for gay sex); and ethically dubious MeidasTouch PAC, which even progressives think is scummy.

“The video also was shared online by activists, celebrities and journalists including Maria Shriver, Mia Farrow, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and CNN’s Don Lemon,” swooned the Associated Press.

To complete the picture, former Bush staffer Matthew Dowd said the whole thing is the fault of the Republicans.

“We are in a culture war. This is a culture war launched by Republicans against the country and the Democrats,” Dowd told MSNBC, according to Breitbart.

“I’ll say it again, if Jesus Christ were alive today, he would be called a groomer, he would be called woke, and he would be called a socialist,” Dowd added.

Jesus is alive today. And he isn’t called any of those things by Republicans.

It’s the Democrats, like Dowd, who continue to insist that Jesus Christ is a groomer, is woke, and is a socialist.

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