Dem. Rep. Cuellar Begs Harris to Visit Border, Learn About ‘More Effective Policies’

'I have lived here my entire life and want to offer myself as a resource in solving these problems...'

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, on Tuesday invited Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the southern border to “observe the ongoing humanitarian crisis” and “immigration crisis.”

“I have lived here my entire life and want to offer myself as a resource in solving these problems,” Cuellar wrote in a letter. “I believe it is critical that you meet with local stakeholders and residents, consider their concerns, and use their lived experiences to implement more effective policies.”

President Joe Biden appointed Harris to lead the administration’s response to the illegal immigration influx at the border, but she still has not seen the crisis firsthand.

Harris has curtly dismissed calls to visit the US–Mexico border, calling an on-the-ground visit a “grand gesture,” apparently unlike the “tangible” work that she conducts from Washington, DC.

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When NBC anchor Lester Holt asked her why she had not visited the border, she replied, “… and I haven’t been to Europe. I don’t understand the point you’re making.”

Cuellar said Harris needs to learn from “our local border communities, including our mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs, emergency personnel, landowners and judges,” who “understand the dynamics fueling the immigration crisis.”

He represents the 28th District in Texas, which lies along 300 miles of the US–Mexico border.

He has criticized the Biden administration’s propaganda that made border facilities appear well-managed when they are, in fact, depriving underage immigrants of basic human rights and dignity.

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In May, Cuellar accused Biden of allowing an open border.

“It doesn’t seem to faze him that these large numbers are coming in,” he said.

As Cuellar pleads for Harris to confront the crisis in person, the Biden administration has responded with laughable solutions: four times more radio advertisements to “discourage migration” and $48 million in foreign aid to corrupt and violent Central Americans nations, NRSC reported in a press release.

Biden’s half-hearted policies have replaced former president Donald Trump‘s strong and successful policies, including the remain-in-Mexico asylum rule, the border wall and the abolition of catch-and-release.

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