Thursday, July 18, 2024

Contested New Mexico Election Cast Renewed Doubts on Dominion

'And so then, what, they’re going to send us to the pokey? ... '

(Preston Parra, Headline USAA GOP Commission in the rural county of Otero, New Mexico, has elected not to certify an already controversial primary election, which in turn has spurred even more concerns and court action.

The canvassing commission of Otero is made up of three members who voted not to certify the previous election. This refusal comes as the three board members found cause for concern in the overall security of the ballot-casting system. 

The infamous Dominion Voting Systems are the machines used during the Otero County Primary Election. Many experts have critiqued Dominion machines as faulty and vulnerable to election abnormalities.

Democrat Maggie Toulouse, who currently serves as Secretary of State in New Mexico, demanded that the state Supreme Court force the Republican-led commission to certify the election.

Otero County Commissioner, Vickie Marquardt, commented that she too shared “huge concerns” with Dominion Voting Systems.

The small county has faced tremendous scrutiny from Democrats across the state and some mainstream media outlets, who insist that the county drop the “unfounded conspiracy theories,” about Dominion.

However, the commission remained steadfast in its refusal not to certify a primary in what they’ve deemed to lack certain safeguards and methods of ensuring election integrity.

The New Mexico Supreme Court, in response, forced the commission to affirm the election under threat of criminal charges, regardless of the reservations of the board members.

The court gave the commission 10 days to comply, but it’s uncertain if the group will be able to meet the deadline, reported Source New Mexico. One of the commissioners, Couy Griffin, was sentenced to 90 days in jail for participating in the Jan. 6 protests, where he was accused of entering restricted grounds, an umbrella charge prosecutors have used liberally as a political weapon.

The state Supreme Court’s decision sent mainstream media outlets and leftist talking-heads on a victory lap, claiming they stopped a lie from spinning out of control.

However, because Dominion Voter System machines are used in New Mexico elections, many people have no confidence in their election security after several discrepancies in the 2020 election.

As events unfold in New Mexico, it’s looking like this is yet another attempt by a liberally-controlled state to take advantage of the power within its grasp to force its citizens to comply and conform by any means.

Marquardt, one of the Otero commissioners, remained defiant.

“And so then, what, they’re going to send us to the pokey?” she quipped after informed of the court’s command to certify the election.




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