Thursday, July 18, 2024

CNN: ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Deserves to Have Life Ruined

'Apparently, he thinks he should be able to tell Biden to basically go f**k himself while on a family friendly holiday call... '

Dean Obeidallah, a SiriusXM radio host and CNN opinion columnist, has issued a decree that Jared Schmeck deserves to have his life ruined, NewsBusters reported.

Schmeck is the man who called into the NORAD Santa Tracker Live Stream and wished hosts Joe and Jill Biden a “Merry Christmas.” He followed his holiday well wishes with a “Let’s go Brandon!”

To which President Biden responded: “Let’s go Brandon, I agree!”

Obeidallah, whose career is built on woke comedy and matchsticks, took to CNN to rail against Schmeck for using “coded phrases” to curse at the president.

Obeidallah conceded that free speech often dictates criticism towards sitting government officials, but believes that in this specific case, Schmeck’s joke was “despicable.”

He then goes on to say that Schmeck should not have censored himself at all:

“If you want to curse out a sitting POTUS, at least have the courage to do it outright rather than playing politically correct games and hiding behind coded phrases.”

He says this despite his apparent horror that this “coded phrase” was used on a livestream thousands of children were watching.

Finally, Obeidallah mocked Schmeck for defending himself after receiving threatening calls as a result of his phone conversation with Biden:

“Aww, poor ‘victim’ Schmeck,” Obeidallah said. “Apparently, he thinks he should be able to tell Biden to basically go f**k himself while on a family friendly holiday call, but no one should be able to take issue with his actions.”

Obeidallah, a left-wing tele-activist who writes propaganda under the guise of “comedy” and constantly retweets his own tweets, ends the article with a meager attempt at a joke:

“I don’t have any ill wishes towards Jared Schmeck. Instead, I just hope he enjoys Biden’s upcoming second year as president. And oh yeah, I hope no one tells him: “Let’s go Jared!”

If you would like to wish Obeidallah a cheerful “Let’s go Brandon!” please feel free to contact him through his email, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

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