CNN Bans Chris Cuomo from Interviewing Brother After Nursing Home Scandal

Host failed to mention his brother while addressing the biggest stories related to COVID-19 on his show the previous night...

(Daily Mail) CNN has allegedly reinstated a ban on host Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother, Andrew, despite allowing the New York governor to appear on his show more than ten times last year.

The network was questioned by the Washington Post on Tuesday after Chris, 50, failed to mention his 63-year-old brother while addressing the biggest stories related to COVID-19 on his show the previous night.

The host’s silence came just hours after the governor had finally addressed in a press conference the latest scandal surrounding his handling of the data involving COVID-19 deaths in the state’s nursing homes.

And as Democrats continued to turn against the governor, with nine state assembly members on Tuesday accusing him of an ‘obstruction of justice.’

The Post had criticized CNN for allowing Chris to deliver ‘over-the-top praise when the governor is up; silence when he’s down’, after the host completely ignored the press conference, which had been among the main coronavirus stories of the day…Original Source


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