Ex-FBI Attorney Gets Wrist-Pat from DC Bar Assoc. for Altering Evidence in Russia Hoax

Kevin Clinesmith's license suspended 'on an interim basis based upon his conviction of a serious crime...'

After receiving only probation from a Washington, DC, judge for altering evidence as part of a failed coup against the president of the United States, disgraced former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith will get a similarly lenient consequence from the DC Bar Association.

The DC Bar voted to suspend Clinesmith “on an interim basis based upon his conviction of a serious crime,” Technofog reported.

To date, Clinesmith is the only individual to have been indicted in connection with Special Counsel John Durham‘s probe of the Russia collusion conspiracy against former president Donald Trump and his staff.

As a direct result of his actions—changing the wording of a CIA email to indicate that Trump adviser Carter Page was not an informant when he, in fact, was—the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts authorized biased FBI agents to spy on Trump’s campaign.

The opening of the “Crossfire Hurricane” sting, in turn, allowed Trump’s political enemies to leak false innuendo provided by the Steele Dossier, setting off a chain of events that triggered Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

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In the process, several innocent victims were prosecuted after getting ensnared by FBI perjury traps. The entire operation cost upward of $30-40 million and took nearly two years to conclude.

It also undermined Trump’s agenda for half of his presidential term and allowed Democrats to regain control of the US House on a platform of impeachment—which they pursued twice, at tremendous cost to national unity while diminishing the ultimate check on presidential power.

Although the Durham investigation has continued efforts to unravel the role that corrupt Obama officials played in the plot, it is unlikely to gain traction or yield any genuine consequences under the current Biden administration.

Meanwhile, several Democrat officials have advanced the idea of disbarring Trump allies for their support of the former president.

Officials in New York, Michigan and Georgia have all announced their intentions to go after Trump-backing attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, among others.

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Even those not threatened with disbarment have faced being blacklisted from law firms as activist groups like the Lincoln Project mount pressure campaigns and China imposes sanctions on those close to the 45th president.

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