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Charlotte-Area Leaders Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

‘I am certainly willing to put my vote where my words are…’

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(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Charlotte, North Carolina city officials said they support a resolution to declare that racism is a public health crisis and Mecklenburg County officials unanimously passed a similar resolution.

Mecklenburg County Commissioners drafted and approved a resolution to declare racism a public health crisis on June 16, WBTV reported.
“Racism unfairly disadvantages Black and Brown individuals and communities, while unfairly giving advantages to other individuals and communities,” the county’s resolution said.
It also discusses systemic racism and the need to dismantle America’s institutions.
“Looking at racism in this way offers legislators, health officials, and others an opportunity to analyze data and discuss how to dismantle or change problematic institutions,” the county’s resolution said.
Commissioner Trevor Fuller said racism is “the original sin of America” and it still exists.

Charlotte City Councilman Malcolm Graham said racism is everywhere,  WBTV reported.
“This is a defining moment in our country’s history,” Graham said.
“That I think we have to make a stand against racism and all its forms whether it’s racism in police departments, health care systems, educational systems – employment opportunities,” he added.
He said either the mayor or city council will draft a proclamation about racism.
Graham said he believes that the proclamation will be a reminder to the city’s leaders that they should consider race in every decision they make.

“I think the people want us to follow those statements with action,” Graham said. “I am certainly willing to put my vote where my words are.

Both Charlotte and Mecklenburg’s proclamations stem from the “disparate impact” ideology, which asserts that disparities among different groups of people related to employment, healthcare, housing, criminal justice, etc. are the result of racism.
Graham said the proclamation will be the first step toward eliminating these disparate impacts in employment and healthcare.
“Making sure that our workforce reflects our community as a whole,” Graham said. “Making sure we work with our delegation to say that we want healthcare for all – Medicaid expansion.”
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