Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Buttigieg Defends Domestic Terrorists for Intimidating SCOTUS Justices

'A sitting lawmaker advocates harassment of a sitting Supreme Court Justice just weeks after a man was charged with attempted murder of said Justice... '

(Ezekiel Loseke, Headline USA) Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on Fox News and defended the harassment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a disgraceful exhibit of rhetoric that mirrored similar sentiment spewed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The leftist media has surged to Buttigieg’s defense, but Twitter users responded to expose these apologetics.

The homosexual transportation secretary appeared to be defending the tweets of his “husband,” who had mocked Kavanaugh being harassed by a leftist mob at a restaurant.

The transportation secretary produced an emotional defense for his “husband” and the mob,  reported Yahoo! News.

Buttigieg accused Kavanaugh of lying during his confirmation court hearing, a myth long debunked, without mentioning any wrongdoing of the mob and concluded, “So yes, people are upset. They’re going to exercise their First Amendment rights.”

“The Buttigiegs” are in line with infamous leftist Squad leader AOC, who also praised the harassment of Supreme Court justices.

Buttigieg further defended the action, according to Yahoo! News, by suggesting that Kavanaugh never saw or heard the protestors.

Buttigieg’s comments obfuscate the reality of the situation, and the media covered him. Politico reported that the factious mob intimidated the restaurant manager so Kavanaugh would leave, a detail that went unreported by Yahoo news and ignored by the likes of Buttigieg and AOC.

As Justice Kavanaugh was forced out of the back of the restaurant, Shutdowndc tweeted, “We hear Kavanaugh snuck out the back with his security detail. @mortons should be ashamed for welcoming a man who so clearly hates women.” This tweet also escaped Yahoo! New’s report.

Despite these oversights, Yahoo! News had the space to gush over the homosexual transportation secretary quoting several tweets lauding his performance and speaking style. MSN devoted an entire article on Buttigieg’s speaking style.

Joe Conchella summarized the flattering of the mob perfectly, tweeting, “A sitting lawmaker advocates harassment of a sitting Supreme Court Justice just weeks after a man was charged with attempted murder of said Justice.”

Alexis De Tocqueville summarized Buttigieg and AOC well when he wrote that “courtiers in America …. speak constantly of the natural enlightenment of their master [the mob] … [and] in sacrificing their opinions to him, they prostitute themselves.”

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