Monday, December 11, 2023

Crime-Plagued Black Neighborhoods Beg de Blasio: ‘Take Your Handcuffs Off the Police’

'Ninety-five percent of the people here are decent, law-abiding citizens, and the law is for the lawless...'

A group of black community activists called on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council to “take your handcuffs off of the police,” decrying the spike in violence that has plagued the city ever since city leaders forced police officers to back off.

“The African American community is saying we don’t want crime here,” Bishop Gerald Seabrooks said on Tuesday after five shootings occurred in one neighborhood on Monday night.

“Ninety-five percent of the people here are decent, law-abiding citizens, and the law is for the lawless,” he continued. “So, please, mayor … Let them police with professionalism, respect, and courtesy.”

De Blasio has been taking orders from radical Black Lives Matter activists, slashing the New York Police Department’s funding by $1 billion.

On top of the $1 billion cut to operating expenses, de Blasio slashed more than $500 million from the NYPD’s capital budget in order to reallocate that money to youth recreation centers and public housing developments.

With de Blasio’s approval, the NYPD also cut its anti-crime unit.

As a result of these changes, crime has skyrocketed and officers have been applying for retirement in record numbers.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who is a former NYPD officer, said that de Blasio has abdicated his responsibility to the city and its citizens.

“You are sworn to serve to protect the city,” Adams said. 

Other black activists disavowed the Black Lives Matter movement and argued that they don’t truly understand what activism means.

“There’s two types of community activists. There’s the community activists that are real community activists. They’re the people that live in those communities,” said former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik.

“They want anti-crime, because they have to live there,” he added. “Now you have community activists that are from outside — the outsiders. Those are usually the guys jacking up the crowds against the cops.”

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