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BIGGS: Pelosi 'Shattering' Democratic Process as She Distracts w/ $3-Trillion Bill

‘As an autocrat now runs the United States House of Representatives we can bid a mournful farewell to our constitutional republic…’

Rep. Andy Biggs: Pelosi 'Shattering' Institutions as She Distracts w/ $3 Trillion Bill
Nancy Pelosi / IMAGE: Face the Nation via YouTube

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The cost of a $3 trillion spending-spree proposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to bolster her ideologically progressive agenda is enough to give sticker shock to many taxpayers.
But the hidden cost to democracy may be far greater, according to Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.
In order to pass the so-called HEROES Act during the current health crisis, Pelosi implemented a rules changes that could fundamentally alter the operations of America’s representative goverment, Biggs wrote in an op-ed for the Daily Caller.
“It’s been a pretty busy week for the Speaker as she has remade Congress by shattering the great institution of constitutional representation, Congress while enslaving generations of future Americans,” Biggs wrote.
“And as an autocrat now runs the United States House of Representatives we can bid a mournful farewell to our constitutional republic,” he said.
Biggs said that the House recently authorized voting by proxy. That means members can show up to vote on behalf of themselves and up to 10 other representatives.
The House can now reach a quorum and pass legislation with only 22 members actually present.
Pelosi said votes will be conducted in this manner for the foreseeable future. Representatives will not be expected to show up to Congress for committee work, oversight, debate or voting.
Two unelected officials, the House physician and sergeant-at-arms, will have the authority to determine when the House can convene in person.
Biggs wrote that the rule changes will prevent representatives from debating, asking questions or offering amendments to legislation.
All these powers will belong solely to Pelosi.
The GOP-led Senate will continue to function as normal.
At the same time as Pelosi fundamentally changed House rules, she facilitated the passage of the HEROES Act on May 15 by a nearly party-line vote of 208-199, GovTrack reported.
Fourteen Democrats and one independent, Justin Amash of Michigan, opposed the bill.
One Republican, Rep. Peter King of New York, voted in favor of the bill.
Representatives did not have time to read the 1,800 page bill before the vote. Most were not involved in writing the legislation.
Senate Republicans have indicated that they will not pass the Heroes Act.

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