Biden Doubles Down on Debate Insults; Doesn’t Regret Telling Trump to ‘Shut Up’

'Because everything I said was true...'

Joe Biden refused to apologize for calling President Donald Trump a “racist,” “fool,” “clown” and “Putin’s puppy” during the first presidential debate on Tuesday.

Instead, he doubled down on his personal attacks against the president.

During a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, Biden slammed Trump for interrupting him during the debate, and he told voters that Trump’s performance was proof that he does not care about the American public.

A local reporter, however, pointed out that Biden did not exactly follow debate etiquette either, citing several insults that Biden threw at Trump throughout the course of the debate.

“Do you regret any of that?” the reporter asked.

“No,” Biden said.

When asked why, Biden said: “Because everything I said was true.”

Biden offered no evidence to support his accusations.

The chaotic debate between Biden and Trump prompted the debate commission to revise the rules and allow the moderator to cut off candidates’ microphones if they continue to talk over each other and/or the moderator.

At one point during Tuesday’s debate, Biden told Trump to “shut up,” and moderator Chris Wallace became involved in the back-and-forth multiple times.

Trump, however, pushed back on attempts to change the rules and said his team will “absolutely oppose” any proposed changes.

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