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SELLERS: Biden’s Border Fiasco Mirrors NY Nursing-Home Scandal on National Level

'Given the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no 0% risk scenario, particularly in congregate setting. Therefore, ORR facilities should plan for and expect to have COVID-19 cases...'

There may be several good reasons why President Joe Biden has remained silent on the scandals surrounding embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo’s defeat, after all, could be the prototype for Biden’s own downfall.

Both Democrat leaders are lecherous older men who felt licensed by their authority to engage in systemic predation of vulnerable, young women.

Both also have attempted to engineer or manipulate major crises for their own benefit, in order to justify partisan actions that would be unacceptable under most circumstances.

Finally, both are deeply enmeshed in the leftist Establishment and are fully aware of how the progressive hive operates to serve the greater “good” of the globalist, anti-capitalist agenda.

In the case of both Biden and Cuomo, there are also deeply sinister implications—but to dig into the underlying motives, we first need a quick review of leftonomics.


It’s safe to say leverage is the gold-standard of progressive politics.

With the appropriate amount of blackmail or other coercive means, one can accomplish nearly anything.

In fact, the Left may even prefer ethically compromised leaders so that it can remove them, if necessary, by cashing in the “insurance” policy.

Influence, on the other hand, is the Left’s equivalent of silver—still valuable but only in larger quantities.

Nonetheless, those able to shape and manipulate public sentiment have a useful tool at their disposal, which no amount of personal liability can overcome.

As long as their influence—or usefulness to the cause—outweighs any private baggage, they are safe to proceed with impunity.

Thus, the amount of corruption or immorality that powerful Democrats can get away with has become something of a status symbol, a measure of their overall political stock.

Recalling her uncomfortable encounters with Cuomo, seventh victim Jessica Bakeman wrote in a column last week for New York magazine, “[H]e wanted me to know that he could take my dignity away at any moment with an inappropriate comment or a hand on my waist.”


If leverage and influence are the Left’s precious metals, its paper-backed currency—what it uses to convey the value of these in day-to-day exchanges—is plausible deniability.

It’s perfectly OK to lie if the ends justify the means—but never to acknowledge that you did it or that the truth was ever anything but what you claimed it was.

How vague and opaque one must be to achieve the desired outcome all depends on the audacity of the objective itself.

On an ambitious agenda like the Biden administration’s, those ostensibly calling the shots may need to spend a little extra political capital, but the goal is to withhold just enough information to avoid taking ownership.

By contrast, the straight-shooting Trump administration often was transparent to a fault.

Trump rarely held back; instead he doubled-down on why his policies were the right ones, leaving no petty cash in the public-relations vault in case things went awry.

One example is his handling of the coronavirus.

The Left has tried to claim that Trump misled the public. But, in reality, he was speaking candidly with Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward from very early on and was offering daily press briefings with his expert advisers for as long as the public would tolerate them.

Essentially, Trump conveyed everything he knew—or did not know—about the pandemic, as it unfolded in real time.


Meanwhile in New York, Cuomo’s prevailing interest was to do everything he could to undermine Trump’s efforts to contain the virus. That included—alongside at least four other blue state governors—encouraging its spread among elderly and disabled nursing-home residents.

After he succeeded in turning New York into the pandemic’s global epicenter and pinning the blame on the president’s response, Cuomo was richly rewarded within his own party.

While the Left was—or should have been—fully aware of the inconsistencies between Cuomo’s actions and his rhetoric, it wasn’t until a careless acknowledgement from senior aide Melissa DeRosa that he finally lost his credibility.

While thinking she was speaking to a friendly audience of Democrats, DeRosa admitted that the governor’s office had knowingly covered up the deaths of thousands of nursing-home residents.

That callous confession threatened to unravel the fakery not only of the Cuomo administration, but also those who had put their own reputations at stake by covering for him.

They desperately needed to disavow Cuomo without doing further damage to the narrative by exposing the broader, multi-state effort to promote the spread of the pandemic for political gain.

Fortunately, the Left, had a tried-and-true contingency plan: #MeToo.

Although Cuomo may have married one of Bobby Kennedy’s daughters, he is too much of a liability within the party to get the same pass on philandering and abusive behavior that his late father-in-law enjoyed.


Biden border migrants
Migrants call on President Joe Biden to cast off enforcement of immigration law and allow them in the US. / IMAGE: Sharjah24 News via YouTube

The same risk that Cuomo and his fellow governors took over their pandemic response is quickly turning into an albatross for the Biden administration at the Mexican border.

Once again, the main mission is to undermine and undo the progress of the Trump administration. But with Biden’s de facto open-border policy, the stakes are much higher: It is not simply about winning one election, but winning them all.

Given the flood of migrants—many showing up in T-shirts that say “Biden, please let us in”—it’s a bit far-fetched to think this is a sudden, spontaneous act of refugees fleeing political persecution.

Indeed, after seeing it in the Obama administration, we know that the motive for Democrats is not meeting some humanitarian obligation to ease the suffering of unaccompanied minors.

It was the Left, after all, that summoned them to the border, subjecting these migrant kids to all manner of dangers while they attempt to steal their way into the cushy social-safety net of the American welfare system.

The end-game is to create an underclass of foreign laborers dependent upon their benevolent Democrat masters for subsistence—who, in return, will continue giving them power. You can’t have socialism without starting from serfdom.


Downplaying the border crisis, however, is no easy task. It has required that Biden reinstate the controversial “kids in cages” policies that the Left used baselessly against Trump.

Even more surprisingly, the Democrats have, once again, revealed just how low containment of the coronavirus falls on their list of priorities.

Not only has Biden already allowed dozens—if not hundreds—of COVID-positive migrants into the country, but, in true Cuomo form, he is actively exposing them to the deadly disease.

The administration admitted last week that by lifting the capacity restrictions on detention centers, some of its children in cages would, inevitably, contract the virus.

“Given the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no 0% risk scenario, particularly in congregate settings,” said a memo from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “Therefore, ORR facilities should plan for and expect to have COVID-19 cases.”

Although his immigration policies are basically assuring a new spike in COVID cases, already Biden is preemptively trying to push the blame onto weary Americans who have used the drop in cases to resume normal activities.

In the first public address of his nearly-two-month-old administration, Biden threatened last week to implement new federal restrictions should the numbers begin to rise.


For Biden to pull off this outrageous bait-and-switch on the American people, his success hinges on two things:

  1. The Left must continue to stay on message, avoiding any careless mistakes like acknowledging the actual facts or underlying motives of the border crisis.

That’s a tall order with the president’s apparent dementia growing by the day.

2. The disastrous border policies must not reach a critical mass where public sentiment begins to turn on the Democrats in ways that could affect next year’s midterm election.

But if the country begins to regress in its coronavirus numbers, that means Democrats may have to dig deeper into the cover-up, just as Cuomo did.

Otherwise they will have to find a way to pull off the reverse of what Cuomo did by leaning into the outbreak and blaming the states instead of the president for the mishandling of the virus.

Fortunately, if all else fails, the hive still has its contingency plans ready.

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