Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Antifa Psycho Burns Himself Trying to Torch Police Car at Supreme Court

'Come to White House front door to End This Admin...'

Cody Tarner, 22, is just an average Satanist-anarchist from Hagerstown, Maryland whose concerns about police brutality and fascism led to the steps of the fabled U.S. Supreme Court.

There, Tarner decided to raise awareness about his concerns by lighting a police car on fire.

But, as they say, the best-laid plans often go to waste — and in Tarner’s case, his best efforts landed him in the hospital with severe third-degree burns and multiple federal felony charges.

As HeadlineUSA previously reported, a court staffer recalled being unnerved by loud bangs while eating lunch with friends on the National Mall. They looked in the direction of the strange noise and noticed flames shooting from under a car.

“A second later, the whole thing was literally a fireball,” the staffer said.

Somewhere in the blaze, Tarner had set himself on fire. Police and firefighters responded by extinguishing the flames and stabilizing the young man, who the Washington Metropolitan Police Department identified on Friday.

But a look into Tarner’s Facebook account shows that he is no well-meaning anti-racist college kid, as news reports often identify Antifa members.

Instead, his social media posts show a dangerously unhinged left-wing radical capable of extreme violence.

Cody Tarner/PHOTO: Facebook

“It appears as long as I do not Jump fence they will allow me to remain. Come to White House front door to End This Admin,” he posted on April 23.

Another post, dated July 1, is titled “/666/ SHEEP MOBILIZATION /666/.”

“I REALLY wanted to be finished But it appears That Trump’s First National Security Advisor Has FINALLY defeated ME,” he wrote. “Excuse me sorry, It looks like those were Tears But it was only from Laughter Children of Light Vs The Children of Darkness?”

Tarner also posted an MSNBC video clip from showing “NeverTrump” Republican Steve Schmidt saying that President Donald Trump’s “betrayal of U.S. troops is impossible to overstate.”

Image of Cody Tarner’s Facebook wall/IMAGE: Facebook

Tarner also posted a Fox News video from June 29 that reported the arson attack on St. John’s Church near the White House.

Insane ramblings follow, including the blurb: “You say, The 13th Amendment Ended Slavery Yet what I read Is that it just prohibits it Unless you produce Prisoners At High Demand So you Brutalize Demographics who only wish to survive When Haiti is a Native American island Colonized by Europeans Yet Today is Only Black.”

Defunding the police, Antifa, nuclear holocaust and dark, highly disturbing Satanic images and references litter Tarner’s Facebook timeline.

“I paid my Dues, Now your Greatest and Gods couldn’t defeat what began as a PsyOp,” his account tagline reads.

Tarner remains in the hospital as of Friday afternoon and has been charged with felony destruction of property and using fire to destroy property, among other counts. An adjacent vehicle was also damaged during the arson attack.

His Facebook posts offer a frightening view into the mind of an Antifa radical who may be one of many such ticking time bombs currently involved in nationwide social justice mobs.

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