Anti-Lockdown Patriots in NY, NJ Stage Profanity-Laced Revolts

'Take your commie sh*t elsewhere!'

Editor’s note: Posts may contain profanity.

With blue-state governors yet again clamping down on coronavirus restrictions over the holidays to punish Trump supporters for the president’s refusal to concede, citizens have begun, yet again, to revolt in places like New York and New Jersey.

The claims regarding new spikes came only a matter of weeks after supporters of Democrat nominee Joe Biden gathered at super-spreader events in urban virus hot-spots throughout the country to engage in loud cheering and singing.

According to reports, crowds in some places may even have been passing around champagne bottles and marijuana joints.

Yet, Democrat governors including California’s Gavin Newsom, New York’s Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey’s Phil Murphy seem to have selectively targeted mostly red districts to subject to the most draconian of lock-down orders during the Thanksgiving holiday and beyond.

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Over the weekend, some freedom-loving citizens pushed back, including a handful of Trump supporters who confronted Murphy while he appeared to be dining, mask-less, in a crowded New Jersey restaurant with his family.

The Garden State governor appears to be dining in close quarters with a party of at least six people, feasting on steak and wine, with none donning face-coverings at the table.

Nonetheless, a man who identifies himself as Murphy’s son asks the women filming to put their masks on as they approach.

The son also accuses the women of being drunk—an accusation they deny, while launching into a profanity-laced critique of Murphy’s COVID policies.

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“You’re such a d**k,” says one of the women, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Murphy’s eldest son, Josh, formerly a Tufts university student, was charged with underage drinking in 2018, when he was 20, and had a prior police record of engaging in reckless behavior, according to NJ.com.

After panning their phone camera over to the son across the table, who notes that one of the hecklers appears to have a Trump phone case, they return to a shot of the governor, now wearing his mask.

In a separate exchange over the weekend, business owners in Buffalo, NY, angrily confronted a health inspector who arrived as they were waging a protest against the state’s “orange restrictions,” recently imposed to shut down several types of establishments, including gyms and restaurants.

“It’s private property! Go get a warrant! You’re not wanted here!” said some of those gathered at the Athletes Unleashed gym, according to the Liberty Beacon.

“They’re Nazis! … Take your commie sh*t elsewhere!” shouted some.

According to The Buffalo News, nobody was cited in the incident. The health inspector arrived roughly 20 minutes after it had begun with three sheriff’s deputies in tow.

Tim Howard, the sheriff of Erie County, where the protest transpired, was one of several to indicate he would not enforce Cuomo’s lockdown demands when it came to celebrating the holidays.

But the business owners reportedly planned to continue protesting outside the home of one pro-lockdown county executive.

The hypocrisy of Democrat leaders has been a large part of the problem.

As Buffalo bartender Tim Walton observed of the COVID pandemic, “Nobody is sitting around saying this isn’t real.”

But in the wake of news about two new vaccines that are poised to be administered soon, many see little more than political motivation and retaliation in the selective targeting, which has included threatening to revoke business licenses and shut off utilities.

Meanwhile, Democrats allowed mass gatherings to proceed throughout the summer as activist groups engaged in race-riots and Black Lives Matters protests.

“It was no problem for people to come out then,” said the owner of the gym, who identified himself to Buffalo News by the somewhat ironic name Robby Dinero.

Newsom created a major scandal in California after celebrating a maskless, indoor birthday party with a large gathering—including health officials and lobbyists—at Napa Valley’s famed French Laundry restaurant.

Others, including Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, have come under fire amid allegations that they would ignore their own mandates by celebrating Thanksgiving.

Pritzker allegedly planned to travel to Flordia, where no such lockdowns were in place under Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In Illinois’s largest city, Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot likewise came under harsh criticism for scandalously gathering with a group of Biden revelers in the street after the former vice president prematurely declared victory in the presidential election.

Lightfoot, who did not wear a mask while speaking through a bullhorn, first claimed that the people would have been gathered regardless of her presence. She also claimed that a cathartic release was—despite the deadly risk—sometimes necessary, so long as it favored Democrat political objectives.

The mayor, elected in 2018, has similarly tried to talk her way out of scandals after photos of her getting a haircut amid lockdowns got posted on Facebook in the spring; and after reports that she had dispatched Chicago law enforcement to guard her home while allowing businesses to get ransacked and plundered during the race riots.

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