Dem Rep. Says ‘Armor of Whiteness’ Emboldened Pro-Trump Protesters

'The mainstream conversation about Donald Trump’s unfitness for office has never taken seriously his autocratic tendencies...'

Perpetual race-baiting Rep. Alma Adams, D-NC, published an op-ed Thursday in USA Today calling on colleagues to ban former President Donald Trump from running again because of his “autocratic tendencies.”

“[T]he mainstream conversation about Donald Trump’s unfitness for office has never taken seriously his autocratic tendencies, nor the warnings from survivors of dictatorships, people of color, and the voices of Black [sic] people who have seen this before,” Adams wrote.

Her claim came only one day after Democrat Joe Biden was inaugurated in a heavily fortified ceremony with some 25,000 carefully vetted National Guard troops there to prevent any dissenting voices from disrupting the proceedings.

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Adams scoffed at Biden’s largely superficial calls for healing in the fractured nation, insisting in the op-ed that “justice is more important than unity.”

According to Adams, and others who have echoed the baseless talking point, Trump—despite winning a record number of minority votes for a Republican leader the modern era—was determined to oppress people of color.

And with 75+ million supporters backing him, the only acceptable recourse was to take extralegal measures to disfranchise them in not only one but two election cycles.

“Impeaching Donald Trump, convicting him in the Senate, removing his ability to stand for office again, successfully prosecuting him and his co-conspirators in court, and holding to account our House and Senate colleagues who enabled this madness: All of these are steps we must take to demonstrate our commitment to democracy and equal justice under the law,” Adams claimed.

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Democrats have capitalized on their guiding principle to “never let a serious crisis go to waste” in the wake of a Jan. 6 demonstration at the US Capitol.

“The mob was able to act on their conspiracy theories because of the armor of their whiteness, which emboldened them to attempt a coup,” Adams claimed, without evidence.

“A failed, pathetic coup, but a coup nonetheless,” she continued.

During the uprising, one protester was shot to death while trying to enter House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s inner sanctum, and another was allegedly trampled outside the building.

A Trump-supporting Capitol Police officer later succumbed to his injuries, although it remains unclear who the perpetrators of that violence were and what his particular cause of death was.

Two other Trump supporters who experienced “medical” emergencies have been included in many mainstream media accounts of the death toll.

With little reverence for the loss of life, however, Congress reconvened that same day to push through a widely disputed Electoral College count and confirm Biden as president.

House Democrats, joined by 10 Republicans, subsequently re-impeached Trump, claiming, without evidence, that the president had “incited” a coup.

However, many who entered the Capitol were caught on surveillance footage respectfully filing between the velvet ropes of Statuary Hall, which joins the two chambers of Congress.

Some were seen engaging respectfully and jocularly with the security officials tasked with guarding the building.

Most  of the peaceful protesters abided by the 6 p.m. curfew imposed by Democrat DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and cleared the area within a matter of hours.

By contrast, leftist insurgents have waged violent riots for months in cities like Portland and Seattle, and they continued to do so Wednesday.

Law enforcement at a handful of state capitols, including Denver, also were obliged to engage with radical Antifa anarchists who turned out to protest, making clear that Biden’s installment as president would do little to ameliorate their demands.

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