Friday, February 3, 2023
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Alaska Ripe for Theft by RINOs, Dems after New Policies Enacted

'There is no statutory authority to verify signatures, but voters will have to provide witness signatures... '

(Alex Tien, Headline USADue to a number of recently passed election laws in Alaska, the state may be headed for trouble, reported the Gateway Pundit.

In an unprecedented move, the northern-most state will not verify voter signatures in the state’s first ever mail-in election, occurring in June, the Alaska Watchman reported.

“There is no statutory authority to verify signatures, but voters will have to provide witness signatures,” an email from Alaska’s Division of Elections stated in March.

This will be the first time that Alaska has not conducted an in-person special election.

When asked why this was not possible, Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer said that there was a paper “supply chain” shortage for and that there had been difficulty hiring the necessary 2,000 election workers that it takes to successfully conduct an in-person election.

Unfortunately, attempts at legislating safe and unbiased elections have completely fallen through.

“Multiple bills have been introduced in the current legislative session to address voter integrity issues, including voter signature verification, but they have languished in various House and Senate committee assignments.”

Several bills having to do with voter signature verification, including House Bill 96, have stalled and not seen any movement in the Alaska House of Representatives.

Alaska’s conservatives legislators should have seen this coming and done more to stop it. In October, two national election experts came to the state to warn the governor about the dangers of mail-in voting fraud.

Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation and a member of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, warned Alaskans that mail-in voting was the “tool of choice” when it comes to fraud because they are the easiest to steal and forage.


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