Sunday, December 10, 2023

National School Board Woke Going Broke After Calling Parents ‘Terrorists’

'The letter and how it was developed reflect a familiar pattern of the national organization straying from its core principles - local control...'

The National School Boards Association (NSBA), the woke national school board group that was responsible for penning a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and sic’ing the FBI on parents who protested at school board meetings, stands to lose over $1 million after 17 state chapters cancelled their memberships, reported the Epoch Times.

“These 17 chapters collectively contributed $1.1 million to NSBA’s funding in 2019, according to NSBA records presented during a recent meeting with the Florida School Board Association, which also has severed ties with the national group. This accounted for 42 percent of the $2.6 million annual dues paid to the NSBA by all 49 state chapters in that year,” wrote the Epoch Times.

In the letter to the DOJ, the NSBA asked President Joe Biden, the Justice Department and the Secret Service “to protect members who are facing unprecedented threats in the politically charged climate surrounding debates over COVID-19 and systemic racism,” said Axios, with the NSBA comparing parents to domestic terrorists.

The NSBA subsequently apologized for the characterization of concerned parents as “terrorists,” but that has not stopped the deluge of cancellations from state chapters who cited general disfunction, along with the letter to the DOJ, as among the reasons for them leaving the group.

“The letter and how it was developed reflect a familiar pattern of the national organization straying from its core principles — local control,” said Alabama Association of School Boards in its own letter to the NSBA said al.com.  “Alabama’s and other states’ efforts to get the organization refocused on its core mission for the past decade regrettably were unsuccessful.”

Previous to these events, the NSBA this was the largest lobbying group on behalf of school boards in the United States, and as such had an outsized influence on public school policy at the federal and state levels.

Now several states are looking at re-creating a similar national organization to the NSBA.

“With an investment available on par with what we are currently spending on engagement in NSBA, we could viably recreate these services through another mechanism in collaboration with others,” the Montana State Board Association wrote in an internal memo according to the Epoch Times.

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